It is said that the magic behind this ancestral drink finds you, we want to take you to this mystical world hand in hand with the people who have been doing this for generations. Led by our master mezcalero, he and his team create this work of art at 2,600 meters above sea level.


Our magueyes are planted, born and grow in a privileged location that gives us UNIQUE flavors and aromas thanks to the climate, land and water of the region.


From eight to twelve years have to pass to make way for the harvesting of pineapples that have the best maturation, once the magueyes are covered and left to rest, they are taken to bake.


Our agave piñas are baked in a conical stone oven using oak wood.


Handmade in stone bakery, mechanical mill and with wooden mallets.


Fermentation takes place in juniper and masonry vats buried in the ground (without chemical accelerators), distillation is double and in a copper still.


The bottles we use are made of 100% recycled glass and can be reused for water, juice, among other liquids.