Sustainability is a crucial aspect in the mezcal industry, at GuÍa del Alma®️ we know the importance of taking steps to ensure that our processes are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

⦁ Rainwater harvesting for irrigation.

• Implementation of artificial water runoff with the construction of ditches on the ground.

• Recycling of stillage with double distillation for the evaporation of alcohols that are mixed with cattle manures, maguey bagasse and corn grains that result in a mixture that works as a special fertilizer to nourish the maguey fields.

• For each plant that is harvested for mezcal production, we have the commitment to return three for sowing. In our fields we have spaces assigned for "seedlings" (small plants) that are returned to the field after one year of life.

• Every year we plant oak trees endemic to the region that are used as firewood, this to ensure that future generations have sufficient inputs in addition to contributing to reforestation in our region.

⦁ The bottles we use are made of 100% glass. recycled and can be reusable for water, and juice, among other liquids.